Main Match registration shooter Wieliczka Squad 3 First shoot: 01.08.2020 Time: 09:15
Order Shooter Region Division Category Factor Status Date of registration Entry fee payment
Jerremy Spicbery
Czech Republic Standard
Regular Major Shooter 20.11.2018 Unpaid
Czech Club
Budapest| Czech Club|
Karl Mey
United States Standard
Junior Major Shooter 20.11.2018 Unpaid
USA Club
Detroit| USA Club|
Ornella Semicare
United Kingdom Standard
Lady Major Shooter 20.11.2018 Unpaid
Britain Club
Manchester| Britain Club|

What is S.O.R.S?

SORS is a Web application --- Shooting Organization and Registration System running on CMS Joomla. SORS provides the registration of clubs and competition shooters at the shooting matches (the IPSC rules). The SORS in itself allows you to manage three independent levels.

1. The first level is the status of the shooter

2. The second level is the status of manager

3. The third level is the highest level and has complete control over the entire system SORS

Who can use S.O.R.S?

Primary use:

Shooting club (IPSC rules)

Shooting Association (IPSC rules)

Secondary use:

Sports shooting club (country level)

Police Sports Club

Archery club

Paintball club

Sport - Shooting Association