How create a new Match printscreen

Insert a new race is only allowed for users with MANAGER status.

The new race is created in two basic steps.

The first step is to create the race itself through the MENU called RACE CALENDAR. If you have the rights of the MANAGER and you are logged in the SORS system, you will see the green INSERT NEW PRICE button on the bottom of the website in the race calendar.

The race entry form consists of the following tabs:

MATCH tab:

  • The form contains all the fields for organizing the race


  • It should contain the text information that the organizer needs to post to the competition


  • To contain the text information the organizer needs to post to the given race for payment of the payments and the financial costs associated with the match


  • is filled in after the race is completed and evaluated


  • Shows a shared video from Youtube


  • Serves for photo presentation at the end of the match

Each newly created race has a time stamp that serves as the ability to register a shooter for a race only within a certain time period. End of registration is labeled DEADLINE. DEADLINE means that by the date defined in DEADLINE the SORS system will block the registration of other shooters and the movement of already registered shooters in existing SQUADS.

After completing the form (MATCH - GENERAL INFORMATION - PAYMENT INFORMATION tab), the race is followed by a second step.

In the second step, it is included in the SQUAD race.


  • If no SQUAD is created by the organizer of the event, the competitors will not be able to sign up for the race. The SORS system is based on the SQUAD race registration principle.

It is up to the organizer of the race how many SQUADS are assigned to the race. The race organizer can create PREQ MATCH and MAIN MATCH SUQADs. In order to create SQUAD and their subsequent assignment to the appropriate race, it is necessary to add the SQUAD (SQUADS lists) through the menu item.

How create a new Match printscreen