Modifying an existing Match printscreen

Editing an existing race is only allowed by users with MANAGER status.

Each manager can only edit the races and Squads he has created himself. Each race can be created in advance (for example, you can define X races for the entire calendar year ahead) and then edit them if necessary. The race can be stored in the SORS system and made available to the public. If the organizer decides to publish the race, he will post it.

To edit the match, use the appropriate edit button.

SORS using a lock system that can locks an item that is currently in editing mode. It is important for the manager to use the buttons for editing in SORS (EDIT, SUBMIT, CANCEL), and not to use the webbrowser buttons forward or backwards, if not, the item will be locked. Unlocking the locked item can then only be unblocked by the administrator (from system administration).

Modifying an existing Match printscreen