Printscreen how to create STAGE

The racing organizer can join the STAGES to your match.

STAGES is not a mandatory entry for the SORS race, but the organizer is allowed to create their STAGES in the system and then assign them to the match.

Created STAGES are stored in the SORS system

and can therefore be assigned to a race as needed, or create and use a unique new STAGE for each new raid. SORS is designed so that it is possible to create an unlimited number of STAGES in the system and store them, with the use of each of the race organizers if they decide to assign an existing STAGE from the system to their match.

This is the visual display shown in the Stage section.

If the race organizer decides not to use (or not create) any of the existing STAGES, instead of selecting the race, he / she will only write down the number of STAGES and his "STAGES" may be attributed to the competition, for example as a downloadable PDF file.

How to create new STAGE printscreen